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You have ventured into the weird and wonderful world of Katlyn. I am a 23 year old stay at home Mom of two little boys. Braden is my oldest, he’ll be 4 in May 2014 and my youngest is Chase who turned 2 in November 2013! We’re expecting one more little Blair Baby in August 2014.
Here comes the cliche mom-talk. They are my whole world. Not because I am their Mom and they are my children who I love and squish to pieces, but because literally they are my only social interaction. They give and take my sanity on a daily basis! I spend my days talking in toddler speak to them and running around catering to their every need. But you know what? I enjoy it. Sure, I can’t poop whenever I want, or shower in private… Sure a lot of days I don’t even brush my hair. But that’s part of motherhood… I think. So anywho, I am married. His name is Dan, he’s the best pain in the ass I could have ever hoped to have change my depends one day. We’re best friends and he’s an amazing Daddy. He is a Combat Engineer in the Canadian Military and he makes me super proud, not only because of his career, but because of his character. He is funny, caring, generous, and a better person than this old bag deserves!  I could probably go on and on about that guy. In fact I am very tempted to because I just like to brag about the good things in my life and he is definitely one of the good things. Buuuut in the interest of not boring the shit out of any readers, I’ll move on to the next subject. My location (Please don’t show up at my door.): I live in Canada, in the Eastern portion. I grew up surrounded by trees, farms, and rivers wayyy out in the middle of bumf*ck no where. I had a very humbled upbringing and I am grateful to be close to my family. I have three brothers and 2 great parents and 2 great step parents! I have an amazing support system!

I started this blog ages ago because sometimes I just like to type stuff. I have a lot of shit floating in my toilet bowl head. :)
I hope you guys will enjoy.


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