My first OBGYN appointment / with reaction gifs!

So, yesterday was my first time seeing an OBGYN during this pregnancy. I’d had a reallllly rough time with my Family Doctor (terrible pre-natal care, but that’s a blog entry I should have written months ago.) and I was really anxious to see how my baby is doing since really I had no clue, it had been 10 weeks since I’d even seen a doctor.

I found out a lot of things that are really important. For one, I never had Gestational Diabetes testing, because my Family Doctor didn’t book it, so they’ve booked that for me. I am a week behind what I was originally told. So instead of 36 weeks and 3 days, I am 35 weeks and 3 days. My due date went from August 19th to August 26th. I have extremely low blood levels (enough concern that the nurse pricked me twice just to make sure). So I have to go for a CBC as soon as possible to make sure everything is normal with my blood, in the meantime I was given FeraMax iron supplements.

Paisley’s head is IN THE BIRTH CANAL! YAYYAYAY *throws confetti* So that means at least SHE is doing something right and getting herself ready to meet her family, that’s my girl!


Keep Calm!

Heck yes! That’s right folks, after being surrounded by boys my entire life, we are finally getting a girl in the family! Of course I found this news out ages ago but I am slow on updating things. We’ve decided to name her Paisley and she is going to be here in ~4 weeks. Yeah it’s been a while, eh? I mean.. you saw my pregnancy announcement and how tiny I was right? Boom!

Not so tiny here at 32 weeks. (I’m 36 weeks now, yikes!) I am pretty much finished preparing for her besides the obvious nesting that is cursing my life right now. Waking up at 6 AM for no reason whatsoever besides to clean and prepare for the day when I could be sleeping is totally normal right? So I’ll try to post more these next few weeks leading up to her birth and immediately after! Here are some pictures of her nursery (so far) to hold you over. 


I’m pregnant!

19 weeks
Okay,  this is old news but I realized today I hadn’t written anything about it here. (Not that I ever write anything here, right?)
Back in November 2013 my husband and I decided when he got home from the field we were ready to start trying for baby #3, the final addition to the Blair Clan. The first day of my LMP (Last Menstrual Period) was November 12, 2013 and so I knew I would be ovulating around November 24th-26th. My husband came home November 23rd and we didn’t waste any time ;) On December 12, 2013 my husband wanted to have a few drinks, but I hadn’t gotten my period yet and we didn’t want to risk it. Even though we expected it to come any time since it wasn’t even technically late yet, we decided to take a pregnancy test to be sure. It was positive pretty much instantly but I waited the 3 minutes or so instructed before flying like a ninja into the kitchen, screaming and flailing that it was positive!

The important details:
Due Date – August 19th, 2014
First Ultrasound – April 8th, 2014
Gender – TBA


What kind of Mother will you be when your children are adults?

So some recent events in my life have me wondering what kind of Mother I will be to my children when they are adults. They are grown, they are independent, they may live on their own, marry, have their own children. So naturally your relationship with your kids will change and your role in their life will change. The fact is, they still need us as adults, but in a different way. Below are a list of things I vow to my children as adults, in regards to the Mother I will be then. (Keep in mind these are written from recent personal experience and may not relate to anyone in your life, but still are things that matter!)

1) My Children owe me nothing.
My children did not ask to be brought into this world and they did not ask to be raised by me or anyone for that matter. I am the one who chose to clothe and feed them and spend money on them during their life thus far. I vow to never make my children feel like they owe me anything. I’ll never use the line “I clothed and fed you for x amount of years!” or “Think of all the money I have spent on you in your life time and you can’t do this one thing for me!?” or “After all I have done for you growing up!” Your children do not OWE you anything. I’m not saying acknowledgement and gratitude is bad. I’m saying this should never be used as a tool to guilt, manipulate, or shame your children to get your own way.

2) I will let them move on.
If my sons become husbands some day. I will let them put that woman/man before me without guilting them or acting like I am entitled to more affection than their partner just because I am their Mother. My son chose that person to spend the rest of his life with and I will respect that because I love my children unconditionally. I can take pride in knowing I raised them to make their partner their priority. 

3) I will not be jealous of in-laws.
From my experience, it’s quite common for a daughter to remain close to their Mother in their adult years while her husband might not be as close to his own Mother. He might lean towards his wife’s family a bit more because his wife is #1 to him, and that is a good thing. I will just hope that family loves and respects him and embraces him as a true family member. My Grandma always told me this old saying which I have found to be incredibly accurate in my life: “A son is a son ’til he takes him a wife. A daughters a daughter the rest of her life.”

4) My children will always be my priority.
This is one thing that applies now and forever. My children will always, always, come before myself. Their needs will come before my own because I love than more than I love myself. If I am down to my last dollar and one of my sons is in need, I will give it to him. I will always drop everything to be there for them when they need me because ultimately we should never stop being a Mom to them just because they are adults. 

5) I will respect them.
I will treat my sons not as children, but as adult equals. I will respect them, their home, their spouse, their children, and any decisions they make as long as it’s not extremely harmful to them. If I know something will hurt them, I won’t do it out of respect for them. Parents do not automatically earn respect just because we gave birth to them. Again it goes back to them not owing us anything. I will respect my children in every way so that they might respect me back. 

6) I will not over step my boundaries.
If I have advice to offer, I will only offer it where it’s wanted. I won’t step on toes to get the results I want. Whether that’s regarding their love life, or even how they raise their own children. I need to let them make their own decisions and sometimes that will mean they learn the hard way, but I’ll rest easy knowing I let them make their own choices and their own mistakes. 

7) I will celebrate their accomplishments.
I will not miss anything (Unless I shit the bucket and die of course lol). Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, promotion at work, birth of a child, baby shower, wedding, engagements, new occupation/career paths, or just anything my child is proud of. I will always celebrate with them so that they know I care about things that make them happy and that I am always going to be proud of them. 

8) I will make sure that they know they are loved.
I never want my children to question my love for them. If I died tomorrow, I’d want them to know how much they mean to me, so I vow to always show them, not just through words, but actions. I don’t want to leave even a slight trace of doubt in their minds about this. 

9) I will respect their space.
As much as I want them to know I love them and to be involved in their lives. I also want them to know that their privacy is safe and I will not stick my foot in the door if they try to close it. I won’t suffocate them or harass them with phone calls every day to see if they’re still alive. I won’t guilt them for not coming to see me often if they can’t, because that’s their decision, which I will respect, as stated above. Also sometimes you just CAN’T see people as much as you’d like to, have you seen gas prices? Shiiiit.

10) I will encourage them to put their family first.
By family.. I mean their partner, children, their brothers/sisters. Basically anyone but myself. I think it’s very important for my two sons to remain close and always be there for each other. Be kind to one another, be good uncles and fathers, and stick together through thick and thin. Put each other, and their family (wife/husband, kids) before people like myself who cannot be there 24/7. 

That all being said, these are things I just personally hold close to me through my own experiences as a wife and how I wish people in my life would treat their children. Maybe these will hit home for you, maybe they won’t. But I hope either way anyone reading can take something from this and possibly apply it to their own life somehow. 


Pregnancy and Delivery (Chase)

Braden was only 9 months old when we found out that we were pregnant again and we were actually so excited. I had been secretly hoping we had a little partner in crime for Braden very soon and finding out we were going to have another baby was f*cking awesome! This pregnancy took a much worse toll on my body, however. I was having severe pelvic pain the entire 9 months which made simple tasks like walking and rolling over in bed extremely painful, even before I had a belly. On top of the pelvic pain, I was extremely sick and instead of gaining weight as my pregnancy went on, I just kept dropping pounds. I was extremely pale, frail, sick, sore, and never had any energy. When I was in my third trimester my iron was extremely low and somehow this caused my blood pressure to drop extremely low resulting in a seizure right in the OBGYN’s waiting room, in my Mother’s arms. After all the trauma I went through during my pregnancy with the little guy, I had a really hard time being happy about him. At the time I wasn’t really aware of PPD and I felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt guilty that this pregnancy didn’t excite me anymore. I got some maternity pictures done by my awesome brother and that sort of helped me feel closer to the baby:

Also there’s this one of my cousin and I, I am the one who appears to be tall, but she’s actually just very f*cking shortImage 

Yes, we have houses on our bellies. I don’t know who the hells bright idea that was but f*ck it. I ain’t even mad.:
But anyway. The pictures made me feel a bit more excited. Although I was still struggling with the idea of having two kids, the guilt, the pain, the bad health. I ended up going into labor a few days before my due date and this one was a lot harder and a lot faster than it was with my oldest, Braden.

Again, I had fetinol and laughing gas. I was offered the epidural but I was dilating so quickly that I decided for some reason that is beyond me, to opt out. Once they broke my water the doctor looked very alarmed and told me there was some meconium in his amniotic fluid (which is the technical way of saying he shit in my womb). So this was a big deal, this meant they would need to suction his mouth, nose, lungs BEFORE I pushed him completely out enough to take his first breath of oxygen. Otherwise he would inhale his poop and get very sick and possibly develop a lung infection or in severe cases, DIE. So in the middle of pushing a gigantic watermelon out of my hooha, I had to stop.. he was crowning and I had to sit there with a head in my hooha while they took their time suctioning out his little nose and mouth. But once they finished I delivered him quickly and got to finally hold him. I was very tired emotionally, mentally, and physically after the entire ordeal but I was so happy to hold him in my arms.


But the entire thing left me looking like this lol:
ImageBut who cares when your baby looks this cute!

Image I had to stay in the hospital a bit longer than I wanted because I was bleeding too much and they needed me on an IV and the delivery had destroyed the muscles in my vag so badly that I couldn’t stand without pissing myself BUT I was alive and so was he and that made me happy. I’ve had some issues since then, like fainting and a mini stroke immediately after I got home with him, and I lost insane amounts of weight during and after pregnancy. In fact at 9 months pregnant I hadn’t gained a single pound since pre-pregnancy, I had lost 15lbs instead. But these days I am feeling hella better, and fatter :(

Chase was born November 22, 2011 at 8:15PM, he weighed 7lb 15oz and my labor was only 2 and a half hours with him! Get ‘er doneeee!

Here’s him these days!:


Pregnancy and Delivery (Braden)

I was 18 years old when I discovered I was pregnant with my oldest son Braden. I was absolutely moritified. I didn’t know how I was going to be a Mom when I could barely care for myself, but I had to prepare myself as best I could. In the beginning I had a lot of back pain, cramps, nausea, and headaches. I had gotten a job and that was absolutely unbearable after a few weeks, I had to puke every five effing minutes and my head was going to blow up! So I ended up giving my notice and not getting enough hours for Maternity leave. I was a saddd panda. Aside from the normal pregnancy issues above, I actually had a great pregnancy and before long I got a little belly like this one of me at 27 weeks!

 I know, I was adorable. I wouldn’t show my face in pregnancy photos because I felt yucky and washed out. In hindsight I was a lot cuter then, than I am now. I was a super grouch though, see?


 So then I was 9 months preggers and I was soooo tired of being pregnant. I just wanted it to be done with so I could meet my little squish and finally be a Mommy. I was exactly 9 months pregnant when I asked my OBGYN to do a membrane sweep and if we could schedule an induction so that my husband who is in the military (and was going to the field in a few days) could be there when his son was born. The doctor was a dick. I shit you not, he was horrible to me and to my Mother who was at my appointment with me. First he told my Mother to stop talking and to let me speak for myself. I was angry as hell because that woman does so much for me and she knows I am socially awkward so I ASKED her to speak for me. When I told him this he smirked and then proceeded to tell me that he would not schedule an induction because he doesn’t “bow down” to the military. I was so disgusted not only with that statement, but with his unprofessional-ism. Then he decides to give me my membrane sweep afterall and let all his anger out ON MY VAGINA. He was extremely rough with me and it was painful enough that I was reduced to tears. I had a membrane sweep weeks before, so I knew that wasn’t how it was supposed to feel. I left feeling angry, sore, and very, very, pregnant and emotional. After that we went to visit my husband’s brother and I was having such bad back pains I told my husband we needed to go home. Soooo we did. While we were at home I was still having pain for hours before we finally decided to go to the hospital. I was in pretty bad pain by the time we arrived but the nurse really didn’t take me all that seriously. She took me up to labour and delivery and monitored the baby’s heartbeat for a while before she just decided I needed to go home. I started crying and told her I knew for sure I was in labour and I was scared to go home. She basically said “You could be pregnant for another 2 weeks for all we know, this is probably braxton hicks contractions, we need the beds for women who are actually in labour”. So again I went home feeling disappointed. The pain hadn’t subsided but we decided to stop and get some McDonald’s because we’re fat like that. I swear while I was at home finishing up my deep fried lard I got sooo sick that I ran to the bathroom and told hubby I needed a bath. I was laying in the tub when the contractions hit full force and there was yucky goopy blood coming out of me which I decided meant I lost my mucous plug. I couldn’t move, all I could do was moan and cry until finally my husband came to check on me. I told him to call my Mother immediately and I needed to go back to the hospital. Then I locked myself in the bathroom and laid on the floor naked while my body felt like it was being slowly crushed lol. By the time my parents arrived I could barely move. They helped me down to the jeep and we were on our way. This was less than two hours after the nurse originally sent me home, so she was still working and I made sure to give her my dirtiest look as I was wheeled by moaning in my wheelchair lol. Once I was in there I immediately asked for drugs so once they had the go ahead they gave me fetinol, which didn’t lessen the pain but it took the edge off. I was begging for the epidural but since the anesthesiologist was busy with patients in surgery they told me it wasn’t a possibility. My labor blew by hard and fast and before I knew it they were telling me to push. From beginning to end my labour and delivery was 3 and a half hours and it resulted in this grumpy little old man.

Image Overall, my pregnancy and labour with Braden was a dream come true compared to some horror stories I’ve heard and I left there wondering how long before I wanted to do it all over again.

Braden was born May. 29th at 4:10AM and he weighed a healthy 7lbs 12oz.

Here are some cute pictures of him then and now!

Image Annnnd now!




So I started this page on Facebook called “Shit My Toddler Says” because frankly, my toddler says some funny, outrageous, unexpected, and just plain absurd shit. I know most people with toddlers think they’re kids are funny, and maybe it’s just me who finds his ramblings entertaining. Frankly, I don’t care! I love sharing my stories and I know most of my family and close friends who know him and his personality get a chuckle out of it. The page was mostly a place I could document things that cracked me up, but as people start sharing their stories, I feel more inclined to make it a fully interactive and functioning page. I’ll be sharing fan posts, funny pictures, basically anything submitted to me as long as it’s appropriate and relevant.

I guess this is a bit of a project for me, or maybe a hobby. I don’t really know. I just enjoy it. I feel like lately I don’t have anything to keep me entertained, I just sit around all day drinking coffee and wishing I had a hobby to do instead of sitting around all day drinking coffee. I could do my hobby AND drink coffee. lol

I hope that anyone who is a stranger to my son, can still find humor in this page, and the stories of other’s kiddies. I also hope people don’t feel intimidated about sharing their own stories! I don’t want anyone to hesitate, if your kid did something that made you giggle, tell me! I want to share it!

I’m just going to casually throw the link below and if anyone happens to click it, and like the page… well that’s alright by me!

Shit My Toddler Says